Vue plongeante sur la Place des Peuples

La tour Altoria pourrait n'être pas érigée là si les Indignés occupent le terrain avec la détermination qu'ils ont jurée crachée. «Eh! said Bobby Jimbo Altoria III, CEO of Altoria Towers International (and heir to the Altoria famed fortune built from scratch by his legendary grandfather Eligius Poncius Altoria, a poor Mongolian immigrant's son who got the idea of building towers from watching ants constructing such dwellings for themselves, and the idea of curing society's ills by safely turning it into a formicarium, supervised by a qualified committee of respected corporate myrmecologists, he also got from watching ants working, something even Henry Ford would never have thought possible) Grandpa had a sayin' down there where I come from, he said Boy! Them slick big city newspapermen, they ain't bad people, it's just the way they're drawn, always askin' a ton of questions for no particular reason, so don't mind their bad manners and never ever give'em answers.»  

Ainsi parla Bobby Jimbo Altoria III.

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