Je chante le corps électrique...

This one is for my wild woman. The one I loved, who loved me, we nearly destroyed each other before we figured it out, and now I love a girl who's sweet on me and Meth has a sweetheart too, and we live many miles apart which is barely enough to keep us from creating some sort of ruckus or chaos or any kind of disturbance of the peace every fucking chance we get.

It won't help a bit, not a goddamned bit, but she deserves it, because she's the wildest and Walt would have wanted it that way. And I ain't talking about Walt Disney, you ignorant bunch of morons...

I sing the body electric
I celebrate the me yet to come
I toast to my own reunion
When I become one with the sun

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Mighty Mélissa LeBlanc a dit...

Unfortunately I must correct : I don't have a sweetheart. Just a OzzyOsbournish old geezer of a sugar daddy. I suspect he was a hitman. :-X

Yo woman is not lookin' after your ass, she better, she better, or I'll jambon ananalyze it like it's the new shit.

Coeur qui soupire n'a pas ce qu'il désire.

Miss ya too much pour ce qu'on peut être aimables, comme amants on suce des boucs pis des politiciens.

L'aut' fois dans un party, j'ai halluciné que kkn s'adressait a moi (mais il parlait a son aut' chummy) et me disait :

- Coudonc, te prends-tu pour un neg'

J'étais troublée... pis j'ai répondu ''p't'être bin''.

Salut bien bas a celle qui te liche assez les gosses pour que tu vires en crème molle. Moi j'tais la petite vache qui te les chauffaient, mon crisse de crack de Christian.

T'étais ma roche et tu restes une ostie de patente dans mon livre a moi.

Lotsa love and burning nose bleeding madness in ya brain.