Set things clear.

The girl wishes to set things clear. Now that she's back in her mama mode up there in the country, she does sound so sane, big-hearted and altogether innocent, doesn't she? No dope, no booze, no literary types to try your waning charms on, or grab their balls if that doesn't work, and no wide back to climb on, no name to drop, just peace and maternal bliss.

Now it's an easy enough thing to chart her progress since she first targeted me, and easier still to correlate each and everyone of her droppings in my town with some kind of trouble she made for me. But that can wait, since it doesn't make for very exciting reading. No, I think I'd rather set things clear, too. I mean, it's gonna have to get done, and after I've slept a while, I'll fucking get on with it.

Set things clear, indeed...

2 commentaires:

'nique a dit...

Oui repose-toi, Christian.

Amour et Canne-de-Noël-en-Sucre,


Mistral a dit...

You're the sweetest Nikki I know. Mary xmas.

Peux pas me reposer, y a un écrivain presque célèbre qui m'a fauché mon pyjama. Celui à pois. Avec des petits lapins à la fourche.